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Pre-Surgery Instructions

What to Do before Weight Loss Surgery in Central Florida

Weight loss surgery is an effective way to address excess weight in individuals who are suffering from obesity and obesity-related diseases. In order to ensure an optimal outcome and long-term weight loss maintenance, it’s important that you take the required pre-surgery steps. Not only will these steps help you prepare your body for the upcoming procedure and reduce the risk of complications, they’ll also set you up for lifelong success. Please note, your specific pre-surgery instructions may vary depending on your unique needs, goals, and the type of procedure you are having. Your surgeon or support staff will be able to provide you with a detailed list of pre-surgery instructions to help you prepare. The earlier you begin making major lifestyle changes, the easier they will be to continue once your procedure is complete. While the following recommendations are general guidelines on how to prepare for bariatric surgery, always follow the specific advice of your surgeon and other medical support staff.

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Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery: Three to Six Months Out

  • Schedule a consultation with your weight loss surgeon to discuss your unique situation, personalized pre-surgery preparation plan, and what to expect from your procedure.
  • Begin working with your insurance provider to confirm coverage, obtain a clear understanding of insurance requirements, and discuss alternative payment plans with your healthcare provider.
  • Confirm that you are a good candidate for weight loss surgery with the proper pre-surgery physicals, tests, and consultations with your bariatric surgeon.
  • Begin making lifestyle changes, including alterations to your diet and exercise regime. Focus on smaller portions and on getting the proper nutrients.
  • Start taking supplements and/or a multivitamin. This is something you will likely need to continue indefinitely after surgery.
  • Reduce certain behaviors such as smoking and drinking alcohol, as these can lead to a higher risk of complications during and after surgery.
  • Attend support group meetings, start a journal, talk to friends that have had weight loss surgery, and find other ways to care for your mental and emotional health.

Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery: Two Weeks Out

  • Adhere to the special diet provided to you by your weight loss surgeon. This will include guidelines on what you can eat and drink, as well as exercise recommendations.
  • Coordinate transportation to and from the hospital, as well as childcare (if needed) and time you’ll need to take off work.
  • Confirm that you have authorization from your insurance provider for payment, or have set up a payment plan with the hospital/surgeon.
  • Take care of any remaining pre-surgery tests authorized by your surgeon/medical provider, including blood work, EKG, pre-op physical, etc.

Preparing for Weight Loss Surgery: The Night Before

  • Refrain from eating or drinking anything after midnight or after another time specified by your bariatric surgeon.
  • Make sure that you have someone who can bring you home after the surgery, as you will not be allowed to drive immediately following the procedure.
  • Set yourself up for comfort! Prepare your food and vitamins ahead of time, arrange a comfortable sleeping location, and have a friend or family member who can assist you during your first week of recovery. You can also ask your surgeon about filling your prescriptions ahead of time so that they will be ready once your procedure is complete.

As mentioned above, your specific pre-surgery plan may differ from the guidelines above. Talk to your surgeon or the East Coast Bariatrics support staff team to learn more about your personalized pre-surgery instructions. We’re happy to answer your questions and make sure that you have a clear understanding of what to expect with your Central Florida weight loss surgery.

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