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    Stephanie correll
    Surgery Performed

    Gastric Bypass

    Weight Loss

    100 lbs. lbs

In November 2005 I had gastric bypass and lost 100 pounds. I weighed 232 and lost down to 130. I was so happy I had tried everything to lose weight and I couldn't. I am doing my protein vitamins. I kept my weight off for years. All of a sudden I started gaining weight and I don't know how when I was not eating what I did. I am up to 193 and I am miserable. I have tried losing weight own my own with my tool my pouch I think it has grown or stretched. I can eat certain foods and some I can. I feel I need it revised so I can get back on track and feel healthy again. And happy with myself. I hope I qualify for the revision I really want it. Thank you