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    Surgery Performed

    Gastric Bypass

    Weight Loss

    150 lbs


I had my Gastric Bypass done on April 4, 2016 (I'l be at 4 years coming up). I was on so many medications (14+) for Fibromyalgia, PCOS, Chronic Fatigue, High Cholesterol, Insulin Resistance (Pre-Diabtics) and a bunch of other medical conditions. I had tried on my own to loose weight and did, but it came all back on and then some. I knew I tried my best and my health needed to come first so I did my research and found ECB and Dr. Sebastien and his team. I can't thank him enough for taking me on and doing my surgery. It has been a life changer and everything that I had suffered from before is gone and I only take one pill for major insomnia. I love myself more, I take care of my health on a daily basis I keep to my plan so I don't go back to the way I was before. If you are doubting yourself in getting this life changing surgery please don't! Do it for yourself and you will see the results in a very short time period if you follow the rules.