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  • Kathy before
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    Surgery Performed

    Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

    Weight Loss

    153 lbs

Everyone is different so just focus on your journey.

My story started when I was eight years old, that's when I really remember getting picked on. My nickname at school was Cowthy not Kathy. Then I remember going to Weight Watchers when I was in sixth grade. I was the only kid with a lot of old people (30 or 40). Most of my life I have been over weight and finally morbidly obese. First came height blood pressure then high cholesterol. Then I got up the nerve and I went to East Coast Bariatrics for free seminar and back then my Insurance didn't cover Bariatric surgery so back on another diet. Up and down was my way of life on the scale. When I turned 49 and my weight was at its highest 380 my primary doctor suggested I check on having Bariatric surgery. Again I went to a seminar this time I also had diabetes and sleep apnea and on 10 prescriptions a day. So the East Coast team said even tho my Insurance didn't cover this surgery they would for some people with a lot of problems. That was me within two weeks I was approved for weight loss surgery. But before that I had a list of things I had to have done. 3 months of supervised weight controlled classes, endoscopy and so on...by then I was almost 50 and I was in this for the long run. After my check list was done I was ready to go. I got a surgery date! 1/26/2015 for a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy. Wow! its time to take my life back. So I took a lot of before pictures and I took a video of myself running at 360lbs, 20 pounds lighter then my highest weight of 380lbs. So here I am 2 years later. 153 lbs lighter from my highest weight. No high blood pressure pills, diabetes under control, from 10 pills a day to 1 pill a day plus my vitamins I take every. I also have never been sick or thrown up since my surgery. You will hear stories from different people and I remember when I first started this journey someone said everyone is different so just focus on your journey. This will never be a quick fix. This is you changing your life for the better and its not easy. I work every day to stick to my goals. And yes I still have goals and if I didn't I believe that's when I will fall back to my old ways.. This surgery truly saved my life. And at 52 I still have so much happiness ahead of me!

Thank you East Coast Bariatrics!

This surgery truly saved my life.